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    Any Emtlife oldies, like me, still around?

    Been a member since 2007. Just been in extended hibernation.
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello all. Not quiet new, to EMS, or EMT LIFE. Just reappearing after an absence due to life events. See some familiiar names and some new ones as well. Look forward to the shared experience her.
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    Fall from 3 ft

    Not saying that collaring and boarding helped me, just saying that the doctor who treated me removed his name fro several papers advocating field clearing. We all know that every case is different I only try to advocate thinking and not becoming overly dependent in using a cookie cutter approach.
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    Fall from 3 ft

    Bottom line on this is first know your protocol. Do a thorough assessment then use your findings to guide you on what to do. I was in a situation a few years back where I suffered a broken neck in a motor vehicle crash, the area I was in did not collar and board everyone I presented atypical in...
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    Top Ten Things People Say in Four Point Restraints

    After 2 years in a mental hospital (working not as a patient although that may be debatable at times) I have heard all sorts of things from patients in restraints. a good number will not pass on here but some of the tame ones are. Why am I here I didn't do nothing, I can break these straps any...
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    The Twelve days of EMS Christmas!

    I need to come up with one for the asylum. Your version is good though
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    Attending with Lights on (at night)

    Asleep,restrained or not never ever underestimate what a psych patient is capable of. You could find they are very clever in ways to slip out of restraints. also one of the fastest to yell they have been abused in one way or the other. Better to leave lights on than to have to explain. Just to...
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    Bath Salts and K12

    The long term effects of these things are the scary part. I know of a few that have had their lives completely ruined by K-2. Gone from good students and athletes to needing help with the basics of self care. I dont see wher Narcan is going to have any benefit in treatment. The best we can do is...
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    EMT Struck and Killed in San Diego

    My condolences go out to th family and friends of this young man. As for wearing our "glow worm jackets or vests" and this is coming from an old timer who has had a hard time getting used to putting it on. No amount of warning gear will completly prevent you from getting hit on the streets,at...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Got a call yesterday afternoon from the director of EOC asking if I could work in dispatch last night. Didnt really want to but said yes. Went in at 2300 not looking forward to spending the next eight hours sitting there handling the typical type of calls. At around 0400 I answered the 911 line...
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    Dispatcher Saves Sons Life

    Speaking as a dispatcher and a parent I have to say that he really did a great job of staying in dispatcher mode. It would have been so easy to slip into parent mode where he could have been too panicky to have helped his son. I really have to give a round of applause to this man for the job he...
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    Hey, how are ya? Have you seen the weather for WNC?

    Hey, how are ya? Have you seen the weather for WNC?
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    Absolutely appalled

    We have too many chances in the day to day interaction with our patients to accidently cause injury that we do not need to be doing the type of things too many use as a punishment. This type of thing is just another reason we as a whole are losing procedures that we could be using to help our...
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    Nurses eat their young.

    I have found that one of the reasons for the way some nurses treat students is that they become protective of the patients in their care. They have in too many cases had students either nursing or medic students come into their unit with the attitude of "that is not the way this is done,we do it...
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    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    Having been involved in one aspect or another of emergency services since 1978 I have had quiet a few calls which have stuck with me for one reason or another. As with most people any call involving children stay with me longer than others mostly because common thinking tells us that we as older...
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    I am not far from you. In fact I was in Asheville Sunday afternoon. We are not used to this.

    I am not far from you. In fact I was in Asheville Sunday afternoon. We are not used to this.
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    Hey. Is it cold enough for you?

    Hey. Is it cold enough for you?
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    My first water rescue save!

    Rock on epi!!!!!!!!
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    OK - So I'm done.

    Kaisu I hope you decide to just take a break and then decide whether or not to leave this forum. I have not always agreed with your opinions, but then again we are not supposed to agree with each other all the time. I have learned from your posts, and have been forced to rethink my own ideas by...
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    Sounds like somebody is trieing to incorperate a little bit of professianolism and discipline to this department. I suggest following the example they are setting and helping to make your department better. I know that their has been a tradition of hazing and joking in emergency services but...