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  1. Jac [ITA]

    To our European members...

    Our uniform follwos the EN471:2003 standard class III. I wasn't able to fine the text of the specification, however here are some info Hope this helps!
  2. Jac [ITA]

    Advice please

    About Italy I've wrote a post some time ago, basically it's pretty much all volunteer with a rising share of paid. I think that sooner o late we'll switch to have only paid personnel. The level is basic (BLS), six months plus pratical no previous education needed, the higher level are...
  3. Jac [ITA]

    Another German Medic

    Welcome on board! :D
  4. Jac [ITA]

    Hi from Munich, Germany

    Welcome on board! Greetings from your twin city... ;)
  5. Jac [ITA]

    Vacation Destinations

    I went several times to the Dolomites for hiking and camping and I definitely say that is my first choice for domestic (inside Italy) tourism, abroad I've enjoyed the northern Germany and the Baltic sea. This year I'm going to 15 day of camping in Sardinia, I'll let you know how it is...
  6. Jac [ITA]

    Does your BLS protocal incl. glucose monitor finger-stick?

    Over here we don't use, as BLS, it but we have in the ambulance....
  7. Jac [ITA]

    Today I had my first heat-related call of this year...

    ...the summer is officially started! It was around 12:00 when we got sent out to a possible heat stroke in the city centre, temp was around 33-35 °C (92-95 °F) no wind. The patient was a sweet lady from the UK who complained of feeling dizzy and was a shivering a little. Nothing major, she...
  8. Jac [ITA]

    Hi from Mexico

    Hello! Welcome on board :)
  9. Jac [ITA]

    Have a nice trip! :)

    Have a nice trip! :)
  10. Jac [ITA]

    emt equipment and commercial flights

    Italy! Nice... :) Where exactly? If I may ask...
  11. Jac [ITA]

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    We were taking the vitals of a patient, my partner (who was compiling the report) asks me the data from the pulseoxymeter. So I say "Sat is 100% HR is 89" and the patient asks me what it all means and I explain to her what it was. Then the patient ask "They are normal?" I replied "Yes, they...
  12. Jac [ITA]

    MCI drill Cards

    I think he needs another kind of card. Something that simulate the patient conditions, for example "Pt #1: blunt force trauma to the head, HR 90, BP 160-90" "Pt #2: broken leg" and so on.... Am I right?
  13. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    They all have a generic first aid CPR training, but they can certify "TPSS" that is "Tecniche primo soccorso sanitario" (literary translated: first aid technique) that is more or less EMT-B. The TPSS cert is not mandatory for all firefighter, only some are certified.
  14. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    Inspired by the "Ever get mistaken for a police officer" and the "Is a T-shirt a PROFESSIONAL EMS Uniform ?" threads I thought to show the uniform in Italy. :) Basically the uniform are high visibility orange with reflective stripes. Underneath it a blu or withe polo shirt (depending on agency)...
  15. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    Just two things I forgot: the ambulance service is separated from the fire brigades, which is public at the dependence of the interior minister. Also the ambulance service and the ER care is completely free for the patient unless it's a non emergent situation; in that case the pt has to pay the...
  16. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    No, they work for the ambulance company and they are in the station along the other crew. The reason for having the ALS unit separate from the ambulances, they ride in station wagon cannot transport, is to be able to clear the unit as soon as possible. Its frequent that the ambulance is called...
  17. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    The number of hours in training is different between agency but the most common is 120 hours of lesson plus the a ride along period. Yes, I think that the future will go towards paid workers. And, how you can imagine, there is a diatribe between the supporter of "all volunteer system" and...
  18. Jac [ITA]

    Italian EMS

    First of all a little disclaimer: I'll try to be as complete as possible but due to the difference between city and city what I'm going to write can be partial and not applicable to every city in Italy. The first thing that I want to underline is that all EMS is preformed by volunteer. Well...
  19. Jac [ITA]

    Hi, new member. From Italy!

    Hi all! I've decided to register after some time of lurking so here my introduction! I'm 22, I live in Verona Italy and I'm volunteer in an ambulance service. My training is more or less equivalent to EMT-B but here the level are different. All system of emergency prehospital care is...