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  1. Sparky79

    Survey (of sorts): Why EMTs Don't go to Paramedic School

    This is seriously messed up. I don't care how long someone has been working as a basic, they should never be paid more than a medic. In my opinion, a first year medic should make more than a 30 year basic. In my full time career I am an electrician. An apprentice electrician will never make...
  2. Sparky79

    Survey (of sorts): Why EMTs Don't go to Paramedic School

    This is my situation as well. I can't justify the cost and time commitment involved in becoming a medic as a part time job. I think this is a common amongst part time emts. Most of the basics I know that do ems full time have plans to go to medic school. If ems is your career you'd be crazy not...
  3. Sparky79

    Biggest Leap Forward?

    I hate ePCR's A report that I could handwrite in 5 minutes, now takes me 30 minutes to do on the computer, half of which is filling out ridiculous NEMSIS data for government statistics. As far as the billing thing goes, I could care less. But, that's mostly because we're a municipal...
  4. Sparky79

    Biggest Leap Forward?

    Not EMS specific, but I think the Smartphone was a huge step forward (though sometimes it seems like a step in the wrong direction). I could never go back to not having all of the conveniences a smartphone offers. Having the power and information of the internet in the palm of your hand 24/7...
  5. Sparky79

    CPR when its not needed

    It sounds like malpractice/negligence to me. It's not your job to determine the value of your patients life. Your job is to treat your patients according to the accepted professional practices. Whether you feel they are worth saving or not, if your patient does not have a DNR withholding...
  6. Sparky79

    What's the story with your screen name?

    I'm an electrician for my fulltime job. All electricians are called sparky by the other trades on a jobsite. I was born in 1979
  7. Sparky79

    For all the firefighters

    No, the male threads point towards the fire. The female threads (even though they are internal) point towards the truck (aka, exit)
  8. Sparky79

    For all the firefighters

    We call it "long lug out" , and as Medic417 said it has to do with the hose couplings.
  9. Sparky79

    My first medical situation

    Yep, seemed pretty clear to me also.
  10. Sparky79

    The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act

    The way I read it, private companies would not be affected. The law is for municipal police, fire and ems only. FWIW, this country needs less union involvement, not more. Unions when they were created served a purpose. They fought for employee safety, and fair working conditions, overtime...
  11. Sparky79

    Electric Tester for a MVA or Down Wires?

    I'm an electrician so I may be able to help here. There is no need to design a device to do what you are talking about, they already exist. The device is called a non-contact voltage tester (in the trade we refer to them as "tic tracers") and as DrParasite said already they operate by sensing...
  12. Sparky79

    Ohio medics to try out new Swedish CPR device

    Austin Powers didn't seem to have any complaints about his. :P
  13. Sparky79

    Hey Guys

    I visit this forum as well as on a regular basis (as well as multiple electrician and construction related forums). I had been following the OP's thread on Firehouse and then when I saw him post the same thing on here (with a few increased "details") I felt the need to share it...
  14. Sparky79

    Hey Guys

    This is the OP's post on on 10/16/09 This is not only an issue of whether or not he should put lights on his POV, this kid as some other pretty serious issues to deal with and some maturing to do before even thinking about being involved with any aspect of public safety. For...
  15. Sparky79

    Rant about how much volunteers are hurting our profession

    I tend to agree with this statement. If you CHOOSE to make a career doing a job that thousands are willing to do for free, what do you expect? I would bet that even the oldest, most experienced medics that have been doing this for their entire career knew when they made the decision to get into...
  16. Sparky79

    New to the forum, Start my EMT-B class tonight

    I am an Electrician full time and a part time (paid on-call) firefighter/EMT-B. I know Paramedics that make the same money I do, the only difference is I work 40 hrs/week and they work 80! As an electrician you can work for yourself which is nice and allows you a flexible schedule to do whatever...
  17. Sparky79

    How much lightning is too much?

    Well someone is wrong, it's either you or Webster's dictionary.
  18. Sparky79

    Pager Call

    Yes! Don't you understand? Volunteers are the devil! No volunteer anywhere is ever competent enough to treat any patient. All volunteers do EMS to be cool. If you have a career already where you make a good paycheck, you shouldn't help you're community by volunteering your time, instead you...
  19. Sparky79

    Columbus, Ohio debates ALS

    Actually, the fire department is trying to keep the medics. The people who are recommending the downgrade in service are a committee appointed by the mayor and city council to try and cut costs.
  20. Sparky79

    New EMt

    Boston Fire and Boston EMS are totally separate entities.