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  1. MMiz

    EMSTODAY 2020 - Tampa, Florida

    Are you going? I'm off that week. Might need to make the gathering a reality.
  2. MMiz

    Post to Support Former EMS Provider

    Thanks for asking. You may post a link if the money is going towards a non-profit to assist the EMT.
  3. MMiz

    It hit home

    I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  4. MMiz

    Adulting advice needed.

    Congrats! Now that you're adulting it's time to budget. I've always found a job first and then moved nearby. Find an apartment you can afford, Uhaul your worldly possessions into the place, and then be patient. It's tempting to go out and buy new stuff. Instead I would make sure I had the...
  5. MMiz

    North Carolina

    EMS in North Carolina is at the county level. Cumberland County / Cape Fear Valley EMS is in Cumberland County. If you're willing to drive, Wake County EMS, Cary EMS, and Eastern Wake EMS seem like better options. I spent some time commuting to a job in Cumberland County and I don't have much...
  6. MMiz

    AMR Background Check

    Lots of good ideas being discussed, but I'm not even sure how to move posts to new threads to make this more on-topic. I'm going to close this thread for now. You're welcome to create new threads in the appropriate forums.
  7. MMiz

    Laptop For EMT training?

    To answer your initial question, I don't think you need a laptop with you in class. I would absolutely have a computer at home. During my undergrad and my EMT school laptops weren't prevalent like they are today. I took my notes on lined paper and in most classes re-typed them when I got...
  8. MMiz

    Lights and Sirens

    Siren definitely off, lights likely off.
  9. MMiz

    On-Line Training

    I don't have specific information on the program you mention, but I say go for it. You previously were an EMT, you should have no problem doing a predominantly online course. I think @DrParasite is right about many online programs, but I don't see it being an issue here. As someone who is...
  10. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    @DrParasite appreciate the information! I've seen those threads, plus everything I can find online. I'm not confident that I'll be successful using the self-taught route, and I'm even more concerned if I'll be the black sheap of the clinical world. Not looking to make a career out of EMS at...
  11. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    I'm looking at the Lenoir Community College Paramedic Academy program.
  12. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    How much time would you say you spent studying in a typical week?
  13. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    Can you estimate how much time you spent studying per week?
  14. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    What was your key to being successful with such an abridged program?
  15. MMiz

    Online Paramedic Training = Read and Quiz?

    Being about half-way through my online Anatomy and Physiology class I'm surprised that the entire course seems to focus around reading a chapter from the textbook, taking a reading quiz, then taking module quizzes. No synchronous learning (video conferencing), no videos, no forums, and no study...
  16. MMiz

    Paramedic School with only 20 On-Site Days?

    Looking at Paramedic programs in the area, I'm wondering if it's possible to become a competent Paramedic with only 20 days of on-site learning over a nine month period. What do you think?
  17. MMiz

    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

  18. MMiz

    the 100% directionless thread

    We now have chat:
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    Forum Upgrade!

    We now have chat:
  20. MMiz

    Forum Upgrade!

    For those saying that the site is huge, are you on mobile devices?