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    ACP? CMA? ALberta medics/emts

    According to the Alberta College of Paramedics website, CCofEMS is still approved to teach the EMT program.
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    Best School in Alberta to learn?

    This is just an observattion, but on the CCoEMS website, under the EMT program cost information, the school states that the students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks and uniforms, as they do not sell them. They also provide a link to a supplier. Maybe the reason the student...
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    New Tahoe EMS unit is awesome!!!!!

    In western Canada, a lot of industrial EMS providers use Suburban conversions as Emergency Transport Vehicles out in the oilfield, and in forestry. Crestline Coach still offers a high top Suburban conversion for this purpose. Some units use standard cots, others use basket stretchers. These...
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    Education Standards Gap Analysis Documents

    If I am understanding the gap analysis document correctly, it states on page 42 that AEMT will not be performing EKG monitoring. Why would they remove this, and how could that be considered an improvement? With the exception of BC, Canadian PCP paramedics do at least 3 lead EKG, and some do 12...
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    US vs. Canada Education Requirements

    Something else to consider is the use of the drugs, when comparing the US EMT-Basic or Intermediate to the Canadian Primary Care Paramedic. To state that the scope of practice is similar, because both give Epinephrine, Salbutamol, or Nitroglycerine, would be inaccurate. A US EMT Basic gives...
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    EMT-P training in Alberta, Canada

    Smurfe, How are the EMT students from CCEMS precepted? The scope of practice in Alberta is different than the Louisiana EMT-Basic or Intermediate scopes. How are they able to meet all their required competancy's - ie. ECG, IV, symptom relief?
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    Martial Arts

    I am a 1st. degree in ITF syle tae kwon do. I agree that tae kwon do is not the best art for self defence for all people. Most schools include hapkido techniques for self defence, and even these are questionable against street fighting techniques. However, there are probably those who would...
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    Education levels

    How exactly would a 4 year paramedic program be organized? Would it be organized along the same lines as the Bachleor degree program offered by Centennial College/University of Toronto, where the student only graduates as a Primary Care Paramedic / BLS level, or would the program be similar to...
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    Security Guards

    Years ago I worked security. The only problem I ever had involving EMS was caused by the client, who didn't bother informing the security desk that there was a medical emergency at the facility I was assigned to, and as such I had no idea where to send the ambulance crew. Don't some...
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    Canada, eh?

    The Ontario Ministry of Health only recognizes the US/NREMT-Paramedic for reciprocity, at the PCP level. Alberta EMT that come to Ontario do not write the AEMCA exam. All PCP from provinces that signed the Agreement on...
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    Canadian PCP/EMT ambulance practicum

    I have a few questions for Canadian paramedics. 1. How many calls/responses is ideal for a student on their PCP/EMT (Alberta) ambulance practicum? Fifty? One Hundred? 2. What size of community is best to do a practicum in? I know that the schools have practicum placements available in...
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    EMT Courses in Alberta

    Western College of EMS closed a couple of years ago.
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    Difference between EMR and EMT-B?

    I don't think there is much difference between the US EMT-Basic and Canadian EMR levels. I have done both programs - the Alberta EMR program at the now defunct Western College of EMS in Hinton, and the US/NYS EMT-Basic program at the Erie County Fire Academy outside Buffalo. Both programs...