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    I need advice/help badly

    I’m sure my coworkers can tell, but I find it difficult to talk to them about being burned out when some of them have been in ems since I was before I was born and they don’t seem burned out. :/
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    I need advice/help badly

    Thank you guys for great advice. Its difficult to get advice online that isn’t sarcastic and smartass’ee.
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    I need advice/help badly

    I’ve been a paramedic for 8 years. I’ve always worked at busy 911 services that also do 1 4+ hr transfer per 24 hr shift. We average that transfer plus 4-8 e calls. Most of my ems career, iv also had a second, slower, ems job as well. I use to love ems and strive to learn and do better. I use to...
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    How important should benefits be?

    I work 2 EMS jobs. 1 I'm only part time, this has great benefits for full time employees. Top notch insurance, retirement, uniform allowance etc. I use to be full time here but got sick of running 6-10 BS calls per shift. My other job is extremely laid back, super nice administrator, few calls...