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  • In what aspect? I enjoy being there for my guys when they need medical help, I was very pleased with myself when I finished my 15mile road march at the end of the EFMB (Expert Field Medical Badge), I really like when we finish a deployment and hearing "mission complete" as we get on our plane home.
    My training as a 91W is different than the training the new 68Ws recieve so it's kind of hard to say.
    I'm living the dream as they say. It's not to bad. Redeploying in three days can hardly wait. Going back home to my lovely FT Campbell.
    Yes I am. I am aligned with 2-1 CAV on Lewis, but currently deployed with 1/25 SBCT and have supported 3-21 IN from Alaska in the past. I love Ft. Lewis as well, I am hoping to put in a package to go work with 1st group or the 75th ranger regiment there. Its alot easier for us to get picked up and work with those guys then convential army channels allow.
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