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    Quick Question

    I just want to know is it legal for a EMS company to hire a non-certified EMT and have them run on a ALS truck. I dont mean as a ride along I mean a paid person doing everything on patients. This is in PA as well. If anyone knows can you let me know. I find it upsetting that there are companies...
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    Best EMS Knife

    Hopefully never but it's there if I ever do need it.
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    Best EMS Knife

    I just bought this one. Seems everything I need is on it.
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    Heading to EMT school in September- NJ

    Pretty much like you said... study! That's all there is too it. Know your stuff. Pay attention to the people that do it and study
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    What to expect for EMT-B Ride Along?

    If you know what to do and payed attention in class you should have nothing to worry about.
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    Dream exchange program

    I would like to see what Philly or NYC is like. Seems like it could be fun and busy
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    Must have Iphone apps for EMS

    Well I just filled up my iPhone with a ton of new apps.
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    Volunteer App Process

    Sounds fishy. My Dept in Northern PA I had to pay a $12 app fee which covered background check. Nothing else! I also got a dept shirt and they paid for the uniform for me which is well over $100
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    Which Littmann to choose

    Well currently yes all I use it for is BP and lung sounds being i pretty much know what I am listening for. I am looking to use this for a long term as I am going for medic in a year or so. I just look at it as go big or go home. Why buy a classic for $80 now and in a year spend another $180 on...
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    Which Littmann to choose

    I am looking for help from people with exp. in this category of Littmanns. I am torn between the Littmann Master Classic or Littmann Master Cardio. I currently use the Littmann classic on the truck and barely can hear on it. I have never failed a hearing test so I know its not me. I am just...
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    Anyone from PA use

    sounds good thanks. Just checked and they have shown up already. So far 3.5 credits.
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    Anyone from PA use

    Yea I had to put in my cert number to get in. I sure hope so. I have been going crazy on them. I need what 25 hours in 3 years for con ed. I will have that in the first.
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    Anyone from PA use

    Just want to know if this is official. I have been doing lessons and it says it is worth CE credits. I want to know if this is for real and if so how do I know I get credit for it in eyes of the ones who need to see the credits.
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    4 hours in ER = $20K

    Trauma fee. Once trauma door opens at my place its 20k. Pictures another 6k. your at 26k in about 5 min. trauma is crazy amounts
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    What Books to Get?

    Thanks. I am getting a year or so on the road before I join the paramedic school, also I am geting my associates degree prior to starting class which will be fall 2012. I just got voted on a squad tonight which is an ALS squad so they will teach me the ropes as well.