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    Fdny -emt-b

    Addrobo: I am in Riverside, CA. I don't know about a lot of the Fire Agencies that are not County agencies, but I do know that Long Beach Fire has EMS units that are NOT Firefighters. You might look into them.
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    Herbal Medication

    CondeEMT: Something you might think about, why do you need to have the Medical Marijuana Card? Some agencies may not take you because you have a condition that requires the use of marijuana. Not knowing what you need the MJ for, some agencies may not want an employee with a pre-existing...
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    EMS With Felonies

    That's right. Never get let the obvious fool you. Always assess everything lest you have to "give little Tiffany an apology"
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    EMS With Felonies
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    EMS With Felonies

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    EMS With Felonies

    Rocketmedic40.......I reread my post and nothing in there says I thought I was currently qualified to teach anything. I said I want to teach. The whole point of returning to the field is to start the process of teaching. I have to return to the field, get the experience based on new protocols...
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    We got a call of an auto/ped on the freeway. The pt had run from the police onto the freeway, been thrown off several cars and then run over by a big rig. We got there and the pt was pretty mangled, but his head had been run over by the big rig tire and exploded. I asked the captain of the FD...
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    Partner showed up reeking of booze...

    Partner showed up reeking of booze.... Being new to an agency is tough.. You don't want to do the right thing for fear of doing the wrong thing, you don't want to be labeled as a snitch, you don't want to jump to conclusions. It is very difficult. On the other hand, if your partner is under...
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    EMS With Felonies

    ccc55555: I have been an EMT, Paramedic and then an EMT again in California. All the EMS Agencies require a background check. All the companies, public and private, require a background check. I obtained my EMT in 1982, my Paramedic in 1987 and retired in 1995. In 2009 I recertified my EMT...