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  • Worked an assignment this Season in Arizona with Jim Snow. He was from Palomar. Did you know that guy?
    Lol either one works! But more likely to be the EMS siren :p We all know how sexy those EMS pants are.... lol.
    I'm only on an Engine out of the Angeles N.F. Hoping to get on either Bear Divide shots or Texas Canyon next season. I remember seeing Palomar shots on the Canyon Fire in the Sequoia last year. Were you there?
    Glad to hear you're taking a break to pursue other things. I think sometimes we get stuck and remain stagnant in our careers over here. Goodluck!
    Nice! Was not expecting to see another FS person here :). What crew are you on? What Forest? Judging by your helmet color and my past experience, i've only seen montana crews wearing those helmets. Have a good season bro. Hope we get lots of OT :)
    Those pics were from a trip to Costa Rica fishing a couple years ago. You can do it on the cheap if you are ever considering it!
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