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  • Hi Pierre
    We are good thanks. Busy with Birthday's at the moment. lol. Tessa turns 14 tomorrow and is having some friends for a sleep over. 'Pizza and chick flick night'.
    Kimberley had her's a few weeks back. Callum has been busy with Ambulance cadets and doing the graveyard shift once a week on the last day of his working week at the store.
    I'm being an MD(Momma Duck) at the moment to an abandoned duck egg, one of my hens was sitting on.. It hatched yesterday and is sitting with me as I write this. A cute little brown and yellow duckling.lol.
    Say Hi to everyone from us.
    Lots of Hugs! Joy
    Hi Sabby
    Sorry to here the PC went on the blink. Hope you have a nice break!
    Look forward to catching up when you all get back!
    Cheers Joy
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