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    Ibuprofen vs APAP

    The two are not interchangeable. They are different drugs with different mechanisms and precautions and they work best on different types of pain. Both are extremely limited in their utility in the prehospital environment. Edit: Actually, the opposite is true. You'll see significant...
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    Conscious Sedation for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    What is heavy xylocaine?
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    Patient is armed

    Because they have little respect for property rights in general, and even less respect for the universal right to self defense. Thats the short answer, anyway.
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    HEMS Pre-Employment Question?????

    First, you are kind of asking two different questions there. It's one to thing to overlook poor performance in the testing just because the candidate seems like a nice guy in the interview. It's a very different thing to hire someone who does well overall in the interview process, but just needs...
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    ALS Billing Question

    This is a good example of just one of the many things wrong with CMS. I don't know all the ins and outs of the medicare rules for ambulance billing, but my understanding is that if an "ALS assessment" (whatever that means) is done and charted, then the run can be billed as an ALS run. No IV...
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    Want to support women in EMS? Paint an ambulance pink.

    I mean, its clearly not intended to be insulting. But it is pretty silly overall, IMO…..and more importantly, probably more of a virtue signal than a sincere expression of appreciation to female EMT's. But that's just my anti-PC cynicism showing.
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    No ETI.

    But the problem with that (and I'm talking about airway management overall, not just in the context of medical arrests) is unless you are doing a lot of arrests, it's probably not enough practice to make a difference. Remember the learning curve for airway management is steep at first (50-100...
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    New to HEMS, looking for advice

    Civil air crew member (55.5 fatality rate) is the third most deadly job in America, with the subset of HEMS probably being more hazardous than than the larger industry. Only commercial fishers (86.0) and loggers (135.0) are more likely to be killed at work. For comparison, police don't even...
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    Medication Error Learning

    It isn't that personal accountability has fallen out of favor. Can you give an example of anyone who has suggested that this nurse shouldn't be held personally accountable? What you are confusing for a lack of personal accountability is a recognition that the way to reduce the chance of these...
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    Medication Error Learning

    I completely agree. She should lose her nursing license, and of course will be found guilty in the civil trial that is sure to come. That's plenty. Criminal charges should require intent to do harm, or at least intent to do something that you know has a high likelihood of causing harm to...
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    Survival Flight Ohio Fatal HEMS crash

    Right. But if Program A's minimums EXCEED the FAA's minimums, and Program B's minimums ARE the FAA's minimum's, then program B can correctly say "we have different weather minimums", and possibly legally take flights that program A turns down for weather. Of course I don't know that this is the...
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    Survival Flight Ohio Fatal HEMS crash

    Not necessarily. I don't know anything about the programs in question, but a reasonable assumption about what point #5 means is that the program represented in the picture adheres to FAA minimums, where other programs in the area have higher minimums, as a matter of internal policy. So...
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    Social Media Advice

    Did you read the hypothetical story? No one did anything "dumb". I am witnessing a somewhat similar thing going on with an acquaintance of mine right now. Who was actually at fault (the school) is wholly irrelevant. The important point is that when you post on social media, you are creating a...
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    Post Intubation Sedation (pre-hospital)

    What about using vec aren't you "sold" on? I have always advocated for maintaining paralysis in the transport setting. I've been told by many people over the years that that's "not necessary" or "not optimal care", but I have yet to hear a good, well reasoned argument against it. As you've seen...
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    Drug dose calculations

    Who said anything about having a phone "glued to your hand"? I'm talking about using an app to calculate doses and volumes to give for medications that aren't used frequently. People say med math is easy, yet errors are very common. No one should be doing anything but the absolute simplest math...