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    Switching to Police

    When I lived in Iowa city Iowa fifteen years ago. The Coralville police department cross trained their officers as emts .. their units had the star of life on the rear panels...
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    Help..Nursing vs EMT

    Get your emt work in the er as a tech while going to nursing school. Build a relationship with the staff. Then when you graduate you'll have a job lined up. Ive seen this happen more times then I can count. If you crave action the er is where its at. That or med surge.. Also if your hospital is...
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    Passed my bls course!

    Yup!! When I worked on a rig I've had nurses on scene panicking on what to do. I still see nurses panic in the hospital setting. Most seasoned basics have better critical thinking skills then nurses. Nurses get lazy with all the support they have around them..
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    Passed my bls course!

    Congrats! I've been surprised on how many people have failed BLS. I've had several doctors fail and have to remediate. Mostly its their attitude.
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    Day Shift vs. Night Shift

    The last night shift I did. I was standing in line at Walmart at 0200. a lady walks up to myself and my partner and asks us if we take pics of dead people to catch the spirits... My partner looks at her and goes oooooooh weeee oooooh...then we leave without saying anything else... The night...
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    Customer Service Mentality

    It wasn't leaking.. She was very altered. After she did it she casually asked me if I go to church... then went on a rage about George Washington lol...
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    Customer Service Mentality

    Sometimes I want to throw down on my patients. Like last week. I had an elderly lady who was very altered. She kept telling me she wetted herself. I told her she had a Foley in. She then wiped her vagina then wiped it on my arm. Then asked me if it was wet. Did I scream WTF!! In my head? Yes...
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    Marijuana Violation For NYS EMT-B

    I know a pa that smoked weed. I'm sure she still does. She works med surg though..... most nurses and staff on med surg floors are known for being loopy though. They have to be. Most of their patients are crazy lol.. Op: simple answer is don't smoke weed...I can't judge though. I didn't start...
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    Dispatching tips

    We were once accused of posting at the station while driving past it to get gas. The result. Dispatch posted us 25 miles from the station with 15 minutes left in our shift. The result was us getting called for a hospital transport that added 4 hours to our shift. Ive never in my life seen a...
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    Dispatching tips

    We were once posted in Ft worth and another unit was in Dallas. The Dallas truck was dispatched to a facility 100 feet from where we were posted. We were dispatched to a facility they were already posted on. We told dispatch this. They argued. Both units called out on scene. To each others...
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    CPR and aed business

    Become an aha instructor. I don't teach as a primary job. The most I've seen instructors make from teaching, is a buddy I know who teaches recruits at the sheriffs department makes 1100 a month. He's under a two year contract. You can sell CPR supplies as a side along with the classes.
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    American Medical Academy - Y/N?

    I just recently saw an emt program for 30k. Go to a community college. Here locally you can go for about $900 for emtb Why would you pay 30k to get paid 11 dollars an hour?
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    Amenities at Call Stations

    I was part of a new station in the h.e.b area of Dallas. The company didn't give us squat. So we took an ambulance and a wheelchair van and picked up some old furniture somebody put by the curb. We also bought WiFi and our neighbor shared their cable. We never enjoyed it though. If we were...
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    Three things that I dislike to do as a Paramedic

    I had designated places near post locations when I worked in Dallas fort worth.... it kind of helped that my house was across the street from our station. But, we were never allowed to post at the station... Quick trip, and racetrac were the only gas stations I would use the bathrooms. lol....
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    Exactly when/how to use the siren?

    The service I worked for in Texas had a rule of not making music at intersections. Just worked the airhorn.