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    What's in your bag?

    And I do realize that you asked questions, but with obvious assumptions
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    What's in your bag?

    I was with a critical care medic (20 years of experience, U of Maryland CCEMT-P cert), at a 20 bed hospital with no surgical facility, and no doc on the premesis. The nurse was an LPN who was unable to set up any of the meds herself. She was unfamiliar with the the differences between an EMT...
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    Just took my first class....

    Do no get all super hyper about everything, it will annoy the instructor and your classmates. Do not go out and buy a Littmann stethoscope for your second day of class. Do yourself a favor and never ever ever go to EVER. Keep focused, and remember to apply for paramedic school as...
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    What's in your bag?

    So it was pretty slow today at the station, and one of the paramedics was cleaning out her bag. Of course we were bored so we decided to see what she carried around, which prompted everyone to empty their bag for our personal amusement. What do you have? Here is what I have: 1) Sony eBook...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello all. I am new to the forum, been an emt for about a year now, start medic school in the summer. I am 25 and live in indiana. Look forward to participating.