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  • NREMTroe- I'm a med device product development and marketing guy. I'm looking at some job opportunities in the EMS/FIRE device space. I came across some of your posts here doing research. I'd love to pick your brain for 1/2 hour so- it would really help me learn about the market and situation. I'd be happy to comp you for your time.
    Let me know if you are interested!
    Yeah, I had tried to get into that for the spring of 2010 but they didn't offer the course because of a lack of interest, but got in to the last slot at Black River's program. Ended up moving out west for the girl friend's family, but still keep a place for Jonesboro tucked away.

    Good luck in your endeavors
    Hey man, just noticed you were from Jonesboro. I used to live in the area, and in fact got my EMT-B up at BRTC from Joe Chappell's course. Just wanted to say what's up to a fellow Jonesboroer.
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