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    What is the worst rookie mistake you've seen

    Curiosity here. What is the craziest, or dumbest rookie mistake you've either made or seen? And how did it affect the career of the person who made it, or the patient for that matter?
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    Manual bp

    What are some tips to being able to get an accurate manual blood pressure in a noisy environment?
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    Student Tips and Advice Needed.

    When you read your book, actually read. Don't just skim it and expect you'll pass. What I did for class prep was I read my brother's EMT book cover to cover at least twice, and I also took a high school A&P course. Medical terminology would've helped as well, but A&P was what the majority of my...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    NREMT Basic- 71 or 72 questions, and I passed.