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    Nurse Practitioner in ED's

    We use NPs and PAs in my ED (level 1 trauma), but they don't get involved in anything too complex. We have a fast track portion of the ED that is staffed with a mid-level and an MD. In the more acute section, our mid-levels tend to stick with abd pain, pulmonary issues, and non-cardiac CP...
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    Possible Stroke, yet not?

    About two years ago, I noticed that suddenly my right pupil was anywhere from 1-2mm bigger than my left. Being a neuro RN, this scared the bejesus outta me. Went to multiple doctors and I'm fine. Just developed anisocoria somehow.. no family history or anything. Mine usually isn't that...
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    "stuttering stroke"

    I'm a neuro & stroke RN and I've never encountered this phrase before. After a little searching, it appears to have the same meaning as an evolving CVA. Sometimes presents as a TIA and then as the ischemia worsens turns into an infarct. Will have to ask our neurologists if this is a commonly...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hi! I'm an RN. Currently work on a neuro-stroke medical & step down floor. Taking a pre-hospital RN class next summer. Will be starting an EMT-B class in a couple weeks, so I feel a bit more "legit" walking into PHRN (as opposed to just a floor nurse). Plus if I ever move out of Illinois...