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    Educational Arc - What to Plan For?

    You know, either you help, answer questions you can, or throw me the **** out. I never NEVER said I would START my working life as CC certified. This place is fkkn toxic. And by the way, I'm not entitled to a damn thing. I'm 43 years old, I earned my education the hard way, I earned my...
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    Educational Arc - What to Plan For?

    Wow, and y'all wonder why no one comes here.
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    Educational Arc - What to Plan For?

    Did my clinical for emt. Graduated the program. Volunteered and taking a part time job as an EMT. Next question
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    Educational Arc - What to Plan For?

    I'll be upfront. I originally got my EMT-B to save my wife's life. She was a cardiac patient who'd been ill for a long time and I was her caregiver. And, I know this sounds really silly, but she was incredibly proud of me for completing a one-semester course that I breezed through. She...
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    The absolute begining.

    MDF stethoscopes are comparable to Littman but cheaper. I know several EMT's and a few Paramedic students who have them and recommend them. Amazon has them.
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    Personal trauma bag?

    I have one, but use it as a first aid kit for event volunteering/daily first aid kit so it's packed toward that goal. My day job is as a carpenter and I volunteer for fun runs, etc. On occasion we'll have mishaps. Comes in handy more often than I thought, but what I deal with is not usually...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    New here from Oklahoma. I'm recently certified NREMT-B and working toward Paramedic. It's good to make your acquaintance.