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    EMSA starting pay

    Paramedic Pay? 1. How much is starting salary as a paramedic with EMSA? 2. Is health insurance coverage expensive at EMSA? 3. What is the average take-home pay for a step 1 medic per pay period? Thanks
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    Funny Things We Say To Make Our Patients Feel Better

    I once has a preceptor tell every elderly patient to hold on because the ambulance "rides just like an old hay truck!" Cracked me up every time!
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    For my EMT we had to do 72 hours. For paramedic, it was nearly 900 hours!
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    How do you keep up your energy?

    Going to bed early really works for me!
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    Advice for aspiring medic at 35

    Study study study and stay up to date!