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    medic school or hospital?

    I work in an ER today. I have been a Paramedic for almost 16 years now. If I could go back in time 16 years.....I would go to nursing school and then get my PHRN. Reason? You open yourself up to a lot of other jobs (and more money) with the PHRN. Just my $.02! Thanks, Dan
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    EMT-P to PA Route

    I work in an ER just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. We use PA's 24 X 7 in the ER. During the day they are working along side of an MD doing simple procedures. At night we use PA's to see patients just as an MD does. Hope this helps. Dan
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    Australia recruiting international paramedics

    Thanks for the reply. It's interesting to see that people use the ER for an ER and not a DR's Office.
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    Australia recruiting international paramedics

    Paramedic's in an ER Good Morning, I was curious if AU Medics work in Emergency Rooms as they do here in the US? My wife and I are thinking about relocating to AU next year.
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    [Separated] Give drugs to drug seekers

    I don't believe this is the proper treatment for these people. Do you honestly believe that? Do you give an alcoholic withdrawal patient more booze because he is in withdrawals? This is the worst logic I've ever heard. How about suggesting a proper treatment facility where they can get real help...
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    Geocities called - they want their snow back

    Kinda weird... I moved to Pittsburgh from Las Vegas 3 years ago and it almost feels like a Vegas winter here so far. I think we are going to pay for it next month, I believe this is how "The Blizzard of 1993" started.
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    Spinal Immobilization and Cardiac Arrests

    Was kinda my thought as well. I had someone trying to sell the idea to me last week. My thought here would be to possibly use it prior to moving a patient to prevent head movement and a possible loss of a good tube. thanks for the reply. Dan
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello from Pittsburgh Hi there. Great site you guys have here. My name is Dan. I'm a Paramedic just outside of The City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Been a Paramedic since 1995. I now work in an Emergency Room and love what I do. Looking forward to meeting people here. Dan
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    Spinal Immobilization and Cardiac Arrests

    Anyone put there using a C-collar to assist in head positioning prior to intubation?