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  • You better accept me on You should put in a transfer form now for Arlington and go over there and talk to a supervisor and tell them you are almost done with medic. That will be a good way to put your foot in the door. Granted Medstar is probably closer for you. I forget where you live but think its in Tarrant County somewhere yeah?
    Awesome!!!! Won't be long before you're taking your test. What are plans for when your done? I added you as a friend on facebook.
    I still haven't heard anything from Collin County. As of now I just plan on going to NCTI. How are things going with you? Still doing any clinicals at Mckinney?
    Well way to go dude!

    Being an I is great. I'm actually on one month "leave" right now which is really nice. No danger of having to work Christmas....... :)

    I'm applying right now to work as a fireline medic with the USFS this coming summer, so unbeleiveably my I cert came through in time for me to apply as an I instead of a B.
    Hey man! How is paramedic coming along? Ready to strangle somebody yet? :)

    Well anyhow, merry christmas and enjoy your break.
    I really like your avy. Have I told you that? I think its very creative. Did you come up with that?
    i've been selected as an alternate.......kinda pisses me off cause i know that there are some people who got accepted that aren't even emts yet although you had to turn in a copy of your emt cert with your application.
    Final isn't until Jan 9th! We're all 'done' learning stuff... everything from now till Jan is just review, then from Jan till March for graduation is more review.
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