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    Med Math is driving me to reconsider going to Paramedic school.

    This app is awesome for quick calculations and double checking answers. Quick Dose
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    Drug dose calculations

    I remember all single dose calculations, but the mg/kg I use that quick dose app. It’s proved super helpful to me.
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    Drug dose calculations

    Y’all should try this one out. I got them memorized but the mg/kg you can’t memorize that.
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    Drug dose calculations

    I was wondering does anyone use a app for quick drug dose calculations? I found one that is really nice wondering if anyone has another. Quick dose
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    Narcan, or Not.

    I don’t think Police should have this.
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    Medic School Advice (Contract of the Devil)

    Just stay in the books! Ignore everyone and study!
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    How to get most out of clinicals

    It’s really hard, but it’s totally worth it.
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    Scope of Practice for Each State - Discussion

    Alabama’s is on the adph website.