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    NRP test cut off at 150

    Today was my second attempt at the p level. First time test cut-off at 83 and failed. Today went all the way to 150. Now on to waiting for results...
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    Jblearing link

    Just seeking some help, I took the NREMTP exam a few months prior and failed first attempt. I’ve heard good things about JBlearning and think I’ll use it to prepare for my second attempt at the exam. Could someone send me a link to Jblearing’s nremtp test prep in the comment section? -thanks
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    Took NRP CBT today

    I’ve heard a lot of folks on here recommend JBlearning to assist. Would this be a good way for me to ready myself for the second attempt, or does anyone have other ideas they could share? -thanks
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    Took NRP CBT today

    Results came this morning. Not what I wanted to see....
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    Took NRP CBT today

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    Took NRP CBT today

    Today was test day for the NRP level. Test cut off at 80-83 questions around 45-60min. Seemed like most of the questions were pretty challenging and on occasion it threw an easy at me. To give an example of the end, I was given a question about OB on number 80. When 83 came I all but had the...