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  • Hey I am doing good! Just BUSY, ;) we both know how that works! Just getting things together for school Tuesday! I am most likely going to go purchase my books today so I can start looking over things to prepare myself. I work a backwards 24hrs today 7p-7p. So not sure if I should try and nap today, or just keep going!! LOL, although napping is nonexistent in my household with 2 children. I am sure you are well prepared to start your spring classes. You seem to me like you have nothing to worry about. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day, and keep on keeping on!! ;)
    That is a nice area. I grew up in VA; I moved around a lot. Spent a couple of years around Roanoke, and moved to the Chesapeake area when I was 14. Anyway, nice to meet you.
    Hey there, I actually am located in Western North Carolina. I attend Asheville Buncombe Tech. community College. Hope you have a good day!
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