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    Cardiac Arrest at the Boston Marathon Thought it was a great job by Boston EMS...
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    MA EMT-B Practical today..seeking opinions

    Conveniently if you ever have to have said hyperextention you won't feel it...
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    MA EMT-B Practical today..seeking opinions

    I think you're probably fine. Especially if you're fairly confident that you didn't fail anything else. When I took my MA practical I was so mad at myself during the backboarding portion I had to do the KED. She happened to be big chested and while I was doing the top strap, I was unable to...
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    fire and ems departments

    I would say to just go and talk to those departments. I am just an EMT basic and I work for 2 fire departments as just that, a basic. Although I recently got hired as a firefighter for one of them, they both just hired me for the ambulance corps. So I would go and speak to those departments...
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    Campus Based EMS

    I like the idea of campus based EMS. At my University it got shot down but I am a member of the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation and I recommend that you check out their website. They have tons of information on how to get started up as well as there is a regional...
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Today I ran a code in the freezing cold. Pt found by neighbors outside unresponsive. We quickly moved the pt to the back of the truck and I was doing compressions. My partner immediately started cutting off the guy's jacket when she made it about a foot up the sleeve she realized it was...
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    Treatment off duty

    Thanks for clarifying. I actually was misinformed and appreciate the correction!
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    Treatment off duty

    Like I said I know nothing about Ontario's laws on it. But I'm sure that they have something similar.
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    Treatment off duty

    I see your from Ontario and honestly I don't know the laws there. But in most states in the US there is a Good Samaritan law that pretty much states that as long as you practiced within your scope of practice then you are safe. You attempted to help therefore you qualify under good samaritan...
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    Portable Radios

    In our deparment the crew chiefs all have their own HT-1250's that are provided by the deparment. Then there are 3 radios for the on duty ambulance crew that are with dispatch that we can grab if one so wants to. And then there are 2 charging in the truck.
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    This has probably be done before...

    I just started in may and I work for a local on-call department doing 911 only. I enjoy it very much and will eventually move on to other full time jobs once i'm out of school.
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    Aspiring hopeful newcomer

    I've never heard of a Paramedic RN either. I've heard of RN's becoming paramedics but never a combination of both.
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    Hello from CO Springs!

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the EMT-B. It's a very rewarding experience!
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    Howdy from CO

    Welcome to the forum! There's tons of information here that I'm sure you'll find useful!
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    Not EMS, but in the chat I mentioned my hat.

    That's a nice lookin hat you got there! Good job!