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    Medic Ambulance Service Vallejo, Ca.

    OP- Are you already working as an EMT in the SF Bay Area for another company? I don't have details about this particular company as I have never worked there. It seems though that average pay (starting) in the bay area for an IFT BLS EMT is $11/hr. I know of companies that pay less and some...
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    Help with lung auscultation

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this thread. I've read several related threads on the forum and also searched online. I am a relatively new EMT and would like your input about LS on more "difficult" patients. Before auscultating, I always ask the patient to take deep breaths...
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    Northern California EMT

    I got that email as well. I am not interested in applying for the position as I just got a job elsewhere. I know that they were recently hiring for Contra Costa County IFT. They may still be recruiting.
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    911 or Transport?

    Sorry to steal from the post, but I have an unrelated question... How much experience do you generally need from an IFT BLS job before having a chance at getting a 911 EMT job? I've heard everything from 3-4 months to as much as 2 years. I'd love to hear from people here on the forum. This is...
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    Rock Medicine

    I was just looking at their website and they work at some pretty damn cool events. What's the process to become a volunteer? I checked their page but there is no "become a volunteer" link. It also says that new volunteers need a completed 10 show sheet... Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Your experience with Bay Medic (Concord)

    You're right, this part of the journey isn't so fun but I'll stay positive and keep trying. I used to volunteer at Highland, spending a little over a year in the SDU. Rock Medicine seems like a great opportunity. Never heard of them but I'm looking into it now.
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    Your experience with Bay Medic (Concord)

    Is it internal? I only found a posting for san rafael on their website. I submitted my app.
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    Your experience with Bay Medic (Concord)

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to include the actual links to each company's website. Yes, I applied to all of those companies. The companies that use an online app (ProT, Royal, PPlus) have my status "pending." The companies that use the traditional paper format have my app on file for the...
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    Your experience with Bay Medic (Concord)

    Thanks for the info AnthonyTheEmt. None of the BLS companies seem to be hiring right now... (including BayMedic). I commute a lot throughout alameda county and have never seen one of their rigs.
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    Your experience with Bay Medic (Concord)

    Anyone here on emtlife have experience with Bay Medic in Concord (Bay Area)? I'd love to hear from a current/former emt there. Shifts types, working conditions, rigs, scheduling flexibility, probation.... I would like to put in an app with them. Thanks