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    Upcoming Interview in SoCal

    Hey everyone! I have an interview coming up in the next few days for Doctors Ambulance in OC. Is there anyone out there who has gone through their hiring process who could offer some insight on what to expect for the interview and any steps following it. Any info would be appreciated!
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    And their coverage area doesn't extend too far either
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Complete application has already been submitted with necessary certs
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    I'm close to the freeway and I make the drive regularly. When you say certs, referring to emt, cpr etc? Or additional non required certs.
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Commute from Oside is anywhere from 30-45 minutes to different sections of their coverage area so the drive isn't too much of an issude. I've been working for Pacific in San Diego for the past year and few months. (PacificBowersRural/MetroSanDiegoMedicalServicesEnterprise)
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    Express Ambulance in La Mesa?

    The little bit I know is that they used to be Pineapple Express not to long ago. Relatively small company that from what I've seen doesn't have the nicest rigs or contracts in the county. Not saying that I would steer clear though. I have a friend who currently works for them and I've run into...
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Haven't seen a thread that was up to date on this company lately. Figured I'd go ahead and revive one. Just applied there earlier this week, and I've developed quite a love affair with the possibility of getting an interview there. Anyone who works for them, knows anything about them, or...