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    I've been speaking with a fire Chief from Mississippi, and last week he told me the national guard stopped a bus load of people from La, trying to unload for the credit cards the red cross was handing out in Miss.. they told them to turn the bus around and go back to La.. He said with all the...
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    Home Remedies....Lets have'em

    For fever Cut an onion in half, leaving the skin and top/bottom on it. Place it on the bottom of the foot, and put a sock over it. When the onion is cooked the fever will be gone! My friend did this one day, she said 1/2 an hour after she did it her sons fever was gone, she pulled off the...
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    Kinda weird

    Too much chlorine in the pool maybe, irratated their nasal passage and airway?
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    Board settings question

    Is there a way for me to make my settings so that the last thing posted is the first post I see? so I don't end up at the begining of each thread? Thanks in advance
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    Does your department have a web site?

    Our site is Nancy aka emtdmom