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    UPDATED: More Scene Photos

    we def want to see these!!!! try if that doesnt work
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    National Registry Practical EMT-B

    im in fort myers and went to Edison Community College for the emt test... good school, good program
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    National Registry Practical EMT-B

    I recently took a semester long course at a college here in florida for emt-b. I passed and got the OK to go onto the NREMT. I signed up on the Pearson Vue Website (i guess thats how they are doing the computer based testing now) and i am taking it friday. Now my question is, they NEVER...
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    What color lights do you have?

    anybody know the color lights you can have in Florida? i dont think we can have anything besides orange... this is the only forum i have ever red that people dont yell at the guy who just asks the question about having lights in a POV. I got none in mine, and figured to stay that way
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    Witnessing an accident off duty

    Only reason i would want to have an oxogen tank wouldnt be for the public. It woudl be fore family and close friends i figured i would use it. Ive had a couple instances where close friends and famly members have had emergencies and could use eveything that i have been learning. I honestly got...
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    Witnessing an accident off duty

    This is definitly they response i thought i would get... Definitly stop and do what you can.. but do not administer drugs or oxogen. So my question to you all... again, i am stull a student so i am not as knowledgeable as you all.. why would there be issues with giving a pt oxogen. not that i...
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    Witnessing an accident off duty

    Hello all, first off let me introduce myself, i am a EMT student and will be in the field shortly. I am going to be a EMT-B for now and then work up to paramedic. Absolutly love the career! and i got mad props for all you guys. Now my question... have any of you ever been driving down a road...