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    Oxygen Therapy for Shock: Cardiogenic or otherwise?

    I would say that since your partner is already dead, and the other guy is dying, treat the most critical. That would be your partner. I'm still a student, but that would be my guess.
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    What are some good EMT jobs during the summer for a college student?

    Hi, I am currently in an EMT class. I am still in high school, but I will be certified by summer. I am wondering what kind of a summer job I should get before I go to college. I was thinking ER Tech, but I would prefer 911 ambulance. And I don't know if they would accept someone for only a...
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    EMT-b Santa Cruz

    Hey everybody! I am new and an EMT student right now. Actually I am taking the class through my high school. So when I graduate I will be a licensed basic. I do plan to go to college right after high school, but want to work as an EMT during school. I hope to go to UC Santa Cruz, but I was doing...