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    help with drug calc.

    this is for any paramedic that can help. my dad is taking a paramedic course here in kentucky. and so far he is doing really well in it. he is a emt right now. but one thing he is having trouble with is the drug calculations, where you have to figure the amount of meds going thru the pump to...
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    BLS Intubations

    hee in ky. emt b can use a combitube. right now it is a testing phase and my squad is doing it as a pilot prog. i see nothing wrong with bls using will provide a almost positive airway, and yes you can push drugs thru it. one of the issues when looked at was the paramedics said yu...
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    legal issues?

    i work at a factory here in kentucky. they have there own little first response team and where im a member of a rescue(first responder) they call me all the time. i have took there training course, all 6 hrs of it, but was wandering about any legal issues there might be. in there course they...