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    Ambulance Companies in LA

    So I've been an employee for Medlife ambulance, by today seems like the :censored::censored::censored::censored: hit the fan. Is there any GOOD (for whatever that means in the EMT world) companies out here in the LA area that do have their county certification and seem decent to work for?
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    Medlife Ambulance is a great company to work for!

    The sad thing about medlife As a current employee, I can tell you they give ZERO raises. So basically you're stuck till you decide to F off
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    Medlife Ambulance is a great company to work for!

    Recently got picked up by Medlife They seem pretty legit... for someone who just interacted with their management. The pay rate is more decent than some companies out, base pay at 10.50 but with experience it varies. I myself am starting out at 12. So hope for the best out of this company
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    Alpha Ambulance?

    Former Employee as a former employee, who was recently laid off by Alpha, Im pretty sure its going to be bye bye Alpha....
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    LA County Enough is enough!!

    Yeah I never really had that luxury of going back to station, at least not till end of shift. I'm not at all promoting I want to be lazy and do nothing and get paid for it, I want us to be paid what we deserve. And there'll be a lot of difference in opinion on what we deserve...
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    LA County Enough is enough!!

    In the end I know this is going to draw crowds from both sides of the lines. You'll have the "proud to work and have a job" type of people and the "we deserve better". Myself, I'll clearly stand on the we deserve better platform. It used to be that we worked as EMT's thinking that a least we'd...
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    NEMSA for LA Co

    Stepping stone or not, we don't deserve to be treated like crap And C7 is lunch
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    NEMSA for LA Co

    Im just curios, for those of us working for all those private ambulance companies that don't always treat us so favorably, why do we put up with it? I usually hear how the turnover rate at most of these companies are great either because no one is getting their set schedules, not being allowed...
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    Any Good Decent Companies in LA County?

    So I've been working at the same company since August of 09. Its a Private Co. doing dialysis and what not. Its a good company to start with, but lately Ive just been wary with the way its been being run. I wont mention that name, but we run county when we SHOULDNT be running county, amongst...
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    I'm a little confused here with a question I have yet to look up. In order to become a Paramedic, you have to have been an active EMT for 6 months or a year. Im confused if you have to be an EMT for a 911 company or just an EMTfor any company. Anyone know the answer?
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    For Los Angeles EMT's

    Quick question for my fellow LA EMT's... I've only been in the game for about a month and a half now... and I wanted to clarify a rumor... are members of EMS services excused from jury duty? lol Had it today and just had it postponed but I was told by someone that were excused. Thanks :)
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    Interview Question...

    Great, I wish you the best of luck :). I applied for for AMR but never got a call cry* lol.
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    Interview Question...

    So I have my first interview tomorrow as an EMT. Now I know its usually nice to get dressed up nicely and all, but as amateur as this question is going to sound, is it really necessary to shave? I don't have this huge bushy beard or anything... but man how i hate a clean face lol. Besides...
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    While I Wait for a call back....

    Hey guys I'm a new EMT in Los Angeles. Currently I'm waiting to get a call back from a number of companies I've applied to. In the meanwhile I want to further study some more Human Anatomy and complications. Can anybody recommend a good book on it? Thanks
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    Where to Work?

    Hey guys, I'm a new EMT in the Los Angeles area. I applied to a good number of places, but unsure of which places would be "better" to work for. Any recommendations for someone just starting out in the business?