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  • I like metro cert well enough, or should I say the people.It seems like everytime we have a training class it is cancelled. But I love going out and doing events. This years readiness event I thought was great for the most part. On the 2nd day the actual scenario was a good thought, however the communication was lacking. The idea of folsom damn breaking wouls be all bad for sure. It seemed like there were reps from most of the cert units, however no one from metro was there to support us really. I was thinking about mabey checking out sac city cert. I got alot of great info from FEMA and want to start taking some of their online courses. Have you taken any of the online courses at all? I will check out Elk Grove CERT what will it hurt right. I have heard that metro has lost a few to city cert already.That would be awsome to get McClellan, They have plenty of room. But you are right about people taking the lead. I am shy but nature but Am always willing to stand up with people to help get things going.
    Take care and keep in touch
    My job is as a RN with Sac Sheriff's Correctional Health Services, and I am a graduate
    (2004) of Elk Grove CERT. 2006's meeting was three days and a golf tourney with international speakers (UN expert on "martyrdom warriors", inspector from Scotland Yard, a deputy director of FEMA who left before it started) at McClellan's former Officers' Club. 2007 was a three day affair, with regional and national speakers at the Capital Christian Center on Micron, and I don't know if they had a tourney. This year was one day of local presenters with a CERT exercise, I guess. Sliding downhill, not enough heavy hitters attending, just us volunteers.

    I found that disappointing, we ought to be having events like this year's annually as well as a national level event. We ought to snag part of McClellan or other "surplus" gov property and convert it into a national level emergency preparedness training center, but we just aren't going to "Take The Lead" at local or State level.

    I almost took the VISTA position as liason between FD's and Citizens' Corps, but just wasn't quite ready to retire. Elk Grov CERT will be undergoing a renaissance and start level two training. You ought to drop em a line and see if you can go to theirs/ours as well, you never know, and they may have trouble filling class slots. (ARC will come here and teach shelter management etc twice, Oct and Jan).

    Roger "mycrofft" Delight, RN
    Maj., USAF/CaANG, ret.

    PS: have you seen the "CERT LA" website? Their "Ideas" section is sluggish but good source of CERT info.
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