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    Favorite Stethoscope Brand

    Looking for a new stethoscope. Curious as to preferences/favorite brands?? Thanks in advance
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    OEMS licensing success rate with OUI

    Thanks, appreciate it!
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    OEMS licensing success rate with OUI

    Before everybody starts booing and throwing their phones, please read and respond with professional information/advice. I understand this is something that probably gets brought up a lot. I am new to this forum. I have completed the EMT program, passed the psychomotor exam along with the NREMT...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Somewhere between 77-81 and passed! I did take it once before and was not so fortunate. It was around 115 questions that time, near passing on all but one. **just realizedthis thread was from years ago