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    Peds EKG question

    The electrodes were still good. Brand new pack well before expiration. I didn't really focus on skin prep. The kiddo is only 16 months old. He was not excessively diaphoretic. I should have personally double checked the limb leads and v3. I had the RT take a quick look to get a second set of...
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    What do you do off-duty?

    Nice! I grew up hunting so I may pick up shooting. Any of you face push back from the so with regards to a handgun in the home? My fiance grew up being taught to fear trying to get her on board may be a bit tough.
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    What do you do off-duty?

    NPO, those photos are awesome. Sandpit, I didn't really go into all the details of my life so I apologize if it seems like I don't do anything. I volunteer for a camp for kids with serious illnesses but that only happens during certain seasons. I work on my home occasionally. I go to the bar...
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    Peds EKG question

    Here's the report. He was fussy the whole time too. If you have any suggestions or you see any other errors let me know! I'm always trying to improve.
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    Peds EKG question

    Hey guys, I am a EMT in Colorado with my EKG cert. I work in an ER and I ran into a scenario I never learned about or have encountered yet. I wish I had strips to show. I apologize if this is something I should 100% know how to do. I ran a EKG on a 16 month old in respiratory distress. Our...
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    What do you do off-duty?

    Hey guys, I am looking for something to do on off days. I work nights so I have gaps of time during the day when my fiancé is at work that I just sit around the house. I live in Colorado and I hike regularly but I need something else that's a bit more social. I would like to find an...
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    Volunteering outside agency, worried about legal

    Thanks for all the replies. I am not too concerned with going beyond basic first aid. I am really only there as a first responder. I won't be bringing a monitor or iv kit with me. I found out that I am covered under the outside organizations liability policy. I am going to look into liability...
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    We were returning a patient to her residence. It's getting close to end of shift. She is a large woman so we have two units with us per company protocol. She has a lift up to her back porch. We all get crammed onto this porch. It's dark and we are tired. She hands my partner her house keys...
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    I worked private for 3 years. Most of the calls were IFT. Misunderstanding about our scope is rampant. The worst was when a nurse became angry with me for opening and going through the patients packet (facesheet, DNR, allergies, meds, past medical history). She claimed I couldn't look at it due...
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    Personal Jump Bag

    So I carry a bag with first aid items in my car. I keep it on hand for personal use only. I suppose if I witnessed the incident and scene safety wasn't a concern I would stop and most likely use it. Just make sure you know your duty to act laws of your state. If its a side of the road...
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    Volunteering outside agency, worried about legal

    Hey all, So I work in an ER in the state of Colorado. I have been asked by a supervisor outside the ER (inpatient) to volunteer for an event not supervised by my hospital. I am more than happy to help out fellow employees. It would be simple first aid for a 2 day high school science fair. I...
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    APEX Paramedics Colorado

    I work as a tech in an ER here in Denver. These guys popped up last week. We have notepads with their logo all over our ED now. They have done a few ALS transfers for us. Seem like a good crew.