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    There's definitely a possibility you hurt your back deadlifting if your form was off, but there's also a really good possibility you got it running. I did mine running, and helped it doing core strength work, including deadlifts and other associated core strength exercises. Running screwed my...
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    I second one of the prior posters about getting correct instruction in lifts. Don't use a video, don't use a book. You need someone who knows what they're doing to watch you and your individual quirks and bad habits. Find a reputable weightlifting coach in your area (not a fitness or Crossfit...
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    NJ EMS is Awful, and Here's Why

    I worked Essex Valley in 1988.. I saw your post about EMS in NJ and I was laughing. I worked Essex Valley in 1988 so I probably know the people who wrote those old call sheets you mentioned in your post about ems service being crappy. Even back then we were frustrated by poor funding and we...