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    Doctor's Ambulance Station locations

    Without going into specifics 1-HQ In Laguna Hills 2-Tustin 3 North Irvine 4-Irvine 5-Laguna Beach 6-Dana Point 7- Laguna Hills 8-Aliso Viejo 9-Irvine 10-Ladera Ranch 11-Laguna Niguel 12 San Juan Cap 13- RSM 14-Foothill Ranch 15-Lake Forest Since I left about a year ago things have changed a...
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    Emt boots

    Redback Slip ons Haix Airpower R1 Invest in a good pair of boots, your feet and back will thank you
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    AMR Rancho Cucamonga

    Majority of the shifts are split: Front half Sun-tues e/o wed Back half Thurs-Sat e/o wed Only 1 24 hour station left in rancho division, all the 8 hour cars are M-F, and a handful of weekday or weekend only cars are available.
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    AMR to take over Rural-Metro contract

    R/M medic Ambulances are "in house" with SDFD
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    What's the story with your screen name?

    University Mascot + Paramedic=AnteaterMedic ZotZot
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    San Diego Rural/Metro Interview!!!!!

    Anyone know starting pay for EMT & Medic with SD R/M? Also any word on them hiring Medics anytime soon?
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    No Skills portion
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    AMR Santa Barbara

    Anyone else testing with them on July 27th? (Medic)
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    Mount San Antonio College Paramedic Program

    @cbryan600rr. Here is my take on Mt. SAC. The program has no written prerequisites however the knowledge needs to be there. The 3 aspects to concentrate on before beginning this program are A&P, Medical Term, and EMT Curriculum. Steve Williams is still involved with the program, he covers EMS1...
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Anyone know if they pay the whole 24?
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Opportunity for OT?
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    Mount San Antonio College Paramedic Program

    I have hear rumors that the didactic portion may be lengthened by a few weeks... I started the program at the end of August/1st week of september and finished my field internship the last week of April...About 8 months total
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    74 and Passed! EMT-P