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Scope of Practice for Each State

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by WuLabsWuTecH, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Blacke00

    Blacke00 New Member

    Knoxville, Tn
    Found a good source (I think it's current):


    That's more than I would have expected for what would be an EMT-B anywhere else, right?
  2. TransportJockey

    TransportJockey Well-Known Member

  3. flhtci01

    flhtci01 New Member

  4. mycrofft

    mycrofft Still crazy but elsewhere

    Central California
    Here's a joker: Standardized Procedures

    At least in CA, within a given medical director/company's bailiwick, some otherwise verboten procedures can be assigned for LVN's, RN's, and other non-traditional EMS operators by setting up approved training (good to have a provider's number as a training facility, not too hard to get), keep good records, teach the St Proc, then have a test and periodic refreshers. I once had this explained to me: as long as the employees did not leave the premises or even a company owned vehicle, they could perform the st proc. Scarey.
  5. Northstar453

    Northstar453 New Member

  6. RESQ_5_1

    RESQ_5_1 New Member

    Scope of practice for Alberta EMS can be found at: www.collegeofparamedics.org and then follow the links to each level from EMR to EMT-P.

    I would like to note, that we are regulated by a COLLEGE. This term confuses alot of people. However, our DRs are regulated by the COLLEGE of physicians and surgeons. And, our nurses are regulated by the COLLEGE of nursing. Also, as EMS practitioners, we also fall under the health PROFESSIONS act. At least up here, we receive the recognition as a necessary provider of medical treatment. The term COLLEGE in this case does not mean an institute of learning.
  7. RESQ_5_1

    RESQ_5_1 New Member

    UPDATE: The Alberta Scopes of Practice can be found at the following link:

    Please disregard the previous link as a source for the Alberta scope of practice. However, additional information concerning EMS in Alberta can be found at the previous link.
  8. MedCoast Ambulance

    MedCoast Ambulance New Member

    Long Beach Ca -Greater Los Angeles
    EMS Training:
    county to county......So Cal

    Here in So Cal it varies from county to county.....in Los Angeles there is an expanded scope policy 802- 802.2 but in Orange County the scope is limited
  9. ResTech

    ResTech New Member

    Pennsylvania just underwent some progressive updates in their protocols for both BLS and ALS.

    In summery here are the BLS changes and additions:

    - CPAP carried on BLS units
    - No longer required to carry activated charcoal
    - Bleeding Control Protocol
    Tourniquet use emphasized for bleeding control
    Hemostatic agents (powders) for bleeding control
    - Nerve agent kits (injectable meds) for personal use onboard BLS ambulance. May only administer to patients after ALS evaluation.

    In summery here are the ALS changes and additions:
    - Change in Benedryl dose from 25mg to 50mg
    - Addition of IV NTG
    - Benzo's for vertigo
    - Intranasal - fentanyl, glucogon, Ativan, Versed, Naloxone
    - Crush injury treatment (sodium bicarb & calcium chloride immediately prior to extrication)
    - ACE inhibitors for CHF - pretty much done away with lasix
    - Therapeutic hypothermmia
    - Analgesic for fluid or med admin by IO in conscious patient

    Any other states allow CPAP for BLS?
  10. emtmomof2

    emtmomof2 New Member

    New Jersey
    EMS Training:
    how about nj

    Anyone have a link with nj protocols?
  11. Blacke00

    Blacke00 New Member

    Knoxville, Tn
  12. rchristi

    rchristi New Member

    EMS Training:
  13. aandjmayne

    aandjmayne New Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    EMS Training:
    anyone got anything on louisiana or is it parish mandated?
  14. Dominion

    Dominion New Member

    Louisville, Ky
  15. chocchipsmom

    chocchipsmom New Member

    North Carolina
    EMS Training:
    Here is the link for North Carolina:
  16. DEmedic

    DEmedic Para-magician.

    EMS Training:
  17. trevor1189

    trevor1189 New Member

  18. emtfarva

    emtfarva New Member

    New Bedford, MA
  19. southernbell

    southernbell New Member

    South Carolina
    EMS Training:
    Looking for SC Scope of Practice

    Im not sure if anyone has asked for a link to South Carolina's link to scope of practice but I would love this information.
  20. LAS46

    LAS46 New Member

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