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Rig Check Sheets

Discussion in 'Ambulances and Equipment' started by Jon, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Jon

    Jon Administrator Community Leader

    Southeastern PA
    EMS Training:
    Hi everyone!

    I need to come up with some form of daily/weekly rig check sheet at work. Does anyone have any electronic samples they could email me?

    Per forum rules, PM me for my email address


  2. tydek07

    tydek07 New Member

    EMS Training:
    Hi Jon,

    We have daily checklists that we do here.
    We also have a monthly checklist that is done once a month.

    If you would like, the next time I work, I can bring one of each home with me and scan them to you.

    -Just let me know on here or a PM

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