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Psychogenic Shock

Discussion in 'ALS Discussion' started by Guardian, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Guardian

    Guardian New Member

    EMS Training:
    Critical Care Paramedic
    What do you guys know about it? Where do you see it the most (what type of call)?
  2. Ridryder911

    Ridryder911 EMS Guru

    Psychogenic shock (aka Syncope, Fainting) is usually related to a sympathetic response causing a temporary decrease in cerebral perfusion. Usually, very temporary, and when the body performs it basically goes into a preservation mode, shunting blood supply (i.e. reason for being pale) and adjust accordingly.

    Types of call, usually when someone is seeing something grotesque, shocking, bad news, or EMT students watching a procedure. Simply treated, lay down.... no big deal.

    R/r 911
  3. Guardian

    Guardian New Member

    EMS Training:
    Critical Care Paramedic
    ok, thanks. I wasn't sure if psychogenic shock was just a fancy way of saying syncope but i know now.
  4. MMiz

    MMiz I put the M in EMTLife Community Leader

    EMS Training:
    I always felt as though Psychogenic shock was a catch-all of sorts.

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