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Discussion in 'EMS Lounge' started by MMiz, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. MMiz

    MMiz I put the M in EMTLife Community Leader

    EMS Training:
    I know a lot of people in EMS watch a lot of movies, and was wondering if anyone has tried out either NetFlix or Blockbuster Online.

    Both give you a free month trial, and send you three DVDs at a time. You watch them at your leisure, and send them back. They send out the next three on your list. Blockbuster even gives you two coupons for free in-store rentals.

    I've used both for a few months now, and blockbuster provides much faster service for me (though BlockBuster and NetFlix are both returned to distribution centers only a few miles away).

    Anyone else use either service?
  2. medic03

    medic03 New Member

    EMS Training:
    Critical Care Paramedic
    netflix. no problems here with it.
  3. rescuecpt

    rescuecpt Community Leader Emeritus

    Long Island, New York
    EMS Training:
    I heard a netflix ad on the radio the other day - I was surprised because at the end the little lawyer guy said "2 dvd's at a time, maximum 4 per month"... maybe it's a different plan? I always thought it was 3 at a time unlimited per month.
  4. KEVD18

    KEVD18 New Member

    netflix since it came out. only one time did i have a problem and they sorted it out right quick
  5. MMiz

    MMiz I put the M in EMTLife Community Leader

    EMS Training:
    Generally we return movies only a day or two after we get 'em, so I'm guessing they're rate-limiting us. They admit to such practices, and also admit that newer members and those who rent less are first in line for the hard-to-get movies, so it seems we haven't been getting those lately. Generally it's a great service though, and definitely worth the fee.

    Cpt, they're really known for their 3-at-a-time program, but to compete with Blockbuster and WalMart's cheeper services, they're being sneaky and throwing the price out there for the two-at-a-time, four a month program.

    I like 'em though :)
  6. emt3225

    emt3225 New Member

    Long Island
    i have blockbuster online...really awsome...never any problems with them..i do believe that both these movie services offer the same thing, but netflix charges only $12 while blockbuster charges $15...enjoy :blink:
  7. Jon

    Jon Administrator Community Leader

    Southeastern PA
    EMS Training:
    I've had netflix for several months now. I love it. I drive by their distribution postal facility going to and from work, so I can drop off there and it will be in the box the next AM, no problem.

    I've had a few movies go missing, and I've reported them, and gotten replacements, no problem.

    Usually I get my movies within a 2-3 day turnaround.

    I'm signing up to try blockbuster now...

  8. MMiz

    MMiz I put the M in EMTLife Community Leader

    EMS Training:

    Promotional Code word "friends" will give you a free month instead of just two weeks, I hope you didn't sign up yet!
  9. CodeSurfer

    CodeSurfer New Member

    Sunny Daygo
    I really love the movies on demand from the cable company... we can control it all right there with our remote and it is probably less expensive since my bf and I barely have time to sleep let alone watch movies.

    TTLWHKR New Member

    Colton Point, Pa
    EMS Training:
    Blockbuster is cheaper


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