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Loma Linda BS in Emergency Medicine

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by Danno, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Danno

    Danno Member

    Has anyone on here done this program? What did you think?

    I heard about this program for the first time today. My BS is something I have always wanted, and this is something I would actually be genuinely interested enough in to pursue. Since I have never heard of it before though, naturally I have to wonder how credible a degree in this subject would be. Basically, is this something that would be worth pursuing is what I am asking.

    Also, are there any other schools in socal that offer BS in emergency/paramedicine?
  2. Danno

    Danno Member

    My apologies, I meant to post this in the Education and Training subforum
  3. Jambi

    Jambi Active Member

    SoCal, Temecula
    The only downside is the cost of the program. I was considering the program, but was driven away by the 50K for just two years...
  4. jon51

    jon51 New Member

    EMS Training:
    As Jambi said it is an expensive program and will work out to be about 43 grand. As for the credibility of this degree Loma Linda University is a very credible institution. The program is taught by educated professionals from many areas of healthcare. Now, will this degree count for much? As with most EMS jobs a bachelor's degree may not open too many doors but may help you advance your career once you are established somewhere. Also, having a degree is necessary to enter graduate programs or higher if you intend to pursue other careers. There are not many programs that offer a similar degree, only Pittsburgh and University of New Mexico come to mind. What is it you would like to get out of a degree in Emergency medical care? Many people enter degree programs like this because they are passionate about EMS and education. If you are expecting anything else, a degree like this may not be what you want. Any other questions shoot me a pm.
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  5. terrible one

    terrible one Member

    Always Moving
    NAU and UNM have a B.S. in paramedicine, and I believe Maryland does too.
    What are your ultimate goals?
  6. Danno

    Danno Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. One of my definite goals is FF/PM, although lately ive been playing with the idea of PA or medical school somewhere down the road.

    I suppose if it will help me with job apps or promotions then that would be good enough for me. But like i said, a bachelor's is something ive always wanted just cause.
  7. terrible one

    terrible one Member

    Always Moving
    If your goal is the fire department then it really makes no difference what your degree is in for entry level positions.
  8. socalmedic

    socalmedic Mediocre at best

    I have looked alot into this degree and will most likely be enrolling once I have finished my Pre-Reqs. as for credibility, I is a very credible program and the name Loma Linda is known in all circles of health care. the degree focuses more on research and management and not as much on physiology and pathophysiology, with this said you will get more than enough training and knowledge through your research. they meet once per week which is why it is great for working professionals. the instructors, i know more that one on a personal level, are very motivated and knowledgeable. if your goals are FF/PM than this may not be the route for you, you may want to look into CSULA as they have a degree in fire service/Emergency Management. if your goal is PA/nursing/MED down the road the LLU program does have Minors in Pre-PA and Pre-Med which will get you your A/P, Micro, Patho, Bio, Chem, O-Chem, and Bio-Chem. I recommend calling and visiting for a class or two. they will be more than happy to bring you into the lectures and allow you to see how the course operates.


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