EMT-B,EMT-I, What is the difference?

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    Hello, i start my emt course in january and i was curious after reading on here, what is the defference in the titles?(EMT-B,EMT-I, etc.) How do i ask my class instructor what title i will have after completion of my course without sounding like an idiot? thanks for your help!

    im sorry i just saw the forum and noticed its in the wrong spot!! sorry!
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    Depends on your state.

    EMT-B is the lowest level of Emergency Medical Technian. They can do basic things such as bandaging, splinting, AED usage, and about 6 drugs (O2, Nitro, Asprin, Glucose, Epi-pen, Albuterol)

    EMT-I, or Intermediate, is well, the middle ground between EMT-B and Paramedic. Again, depending on your state there are 2 levels of Intermediate, I/85 and I/99. I/85 is essentially an EMT with IVs and Intubation, and maybe a couple of other things. I/99 is 'closer' to Paramedic skill wise, but still quite a bit short education wise.

    Paramedic (Or EMT-P for the next couple of years) is the highest level of pre-hospital medical providers typically on the ambulance. Like I said, depending on the state, a Paramedic can do / know a lot, or can do / know very little. IV, EKG, 12lead reading, Intubation, cricothyrotomy, needle thorcostomy, 60+ different drugs, etc etc etc
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    It works ok in this section.

    And EMT-B is a basic EMT. It's probably what you will be once you pass the NR/State test after completing your class successfully. EMT-I is an EMT-Intermediate, which has a little more education and training than the Basic. EMT-P is a paramedic.
    Stuff before EMT (like NR or NM, CO, TX etc) are just designators for what certification area it is. Such as state offices or National Registry

    EDIT: Linuss has it better than I did. Although one exception. There is also an inbetween EMT-I that is not NR at all. In states such as UT, WA, or to some extent TX they have EMT-Is that fall firmly in between I/85 and I/99 level.
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    You start as an emt basic.

    Basic can do splinting, bandaging and other basic first aid. A few places allow more aggressive.

    Intermediate (emt-i) IV's maybe intubation and a few drugs. A few places allow more aggressive. It is being phased out.

    Paramedic Lots of drugs and many skills. A few places allow more aggressive.

    You will find some places allow a lot and others nothing. Education varies.
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    As far as I know here in nj we cannot give asprin.

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