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ems discounts on food and stuff

Discussion in 'EMS Lounge' started by ollie, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. ollie

    ollie New Member

    pasadena california
    EMS Training:
    Do you guys know or have heard of places that give ems, fire and leo discounts on food or other stuff, where i currently work part time as a waitress my boss will only give discounts to leo i think its kinda mean he dosent do it to all ems, fire and leo but yea do you guys know any places maybe you have been that give discounts ? Do you take advantage of your job to get free things (ex. wear your uniform in to the store when your off duty or something like that)
    if you do im not judging id probably do it too lol :p
  2. Linuss

    Linuss Active Member

    I've been given a crap load of toppings for no extra charge at Subway without asking, and Dominos has given me a pizza before, again without asking.

    The martial arts studio next to my parents business gives discounts to Fire/LEO/EMS for self-defense training.

    And Allstate said they give discounts to EMTs...

    I don't wear my uniform off duty.
  3. medic417

    medic417 The Truth Provider

    Discounts are a courtesy. If you demand the discount or abuse it by going while off duty for it you can ruin it for everyone. Only idiots abuse those that respect us enough to give a discount.

    JPINFV Gadfly

    404: No Meme Found
    I know at least one Edwards Theaters (Regal Entertainment Group) cinema used to (not sure if they still do as I haven't worked at that theater in 6 years) gives discounts to fire and police while off duty.

    I know that the Long John Silvers in Kirksville, MO gives a discount, but that's only because it's posted on their drive through. Regardless, since I was in town for a school interview both two times I was there I felt it to be inappropriate to take them up on that offer.

    Unless something is advertised, I have no clue who offers what when off duty because I never identify myself as an EMT-B while off duty. Similarly, please don't take advantage of places (like hospital cafeterias) who offer free food to onduty EMS providers. I know of at least one So. Cal. hospital who stopped offering a discount after catching an AMR employee coming in on his day off in jeans and a uniform shirt just for the free food. Simply be thankful that it's there since they don't have to offer it.
  5. TransportJockey

    TransportJockey Well-Known Member

    When I worked ambulance full time there were a few gas stations that would give us free coffee, usually only found out when we tried to pay. Also the IHOP we frequented would give us a discount, which we usually rolled right back over into a tip for our server. This was all when on duty, never off.
  6. dmc2007

    dmc2007 Member

    Middlesex, MA
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but (having seen the commercial where this is mentioned), I'm pretty sure that the EMT discount is more cause we're expected to be "safer" people then the general populous and thus are less likely to get into an accident. I seem to remember that this was mentioned along with safe driver discounts, discounts for good grades, etc.

    One of our local pizza places gives us free drinks when we go. It's not something we ask for, but it is a nice gesture.
  7. trevor1189

    trevor1189 New Member

    Occassionally we get discounts. Couple examples recently.

    Starbucks- 100% off. We ran back to back ambulance calls and we stopped with the ambulance on the way back to the station. Unfortunately they appeared to be closing for the night so we turned around and started walking back to the ambulance. Just as we turned around, the manager came outside and told us they were still open and then proceeded to give us our drinks for free. Very nice gesture.

    Also a local sub shop that is very popular with state and local leo as well as the fd was preparing an order for us when we were paged. The owner actually delivered all of our food and gave it to us free as most were still in gear and money was at the station.

    We don't really have any local places that do discounts all the time, but every once in a while stuff like that happens. I think it is a nice way for local businesses to say thanks for the services the volunteer dept. provides.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2010
  8. CollegeBoy

    CollegeBoy New Member

    North West Indiana
    We are very rural so there are not many places. McDonalds gives us half off when we are on duty, Subway will give us a foot long for the price of a six inch, the local gas station gives us free pop/coffee.
  9. Dominion

    Dominion New Member

    Louisville, Ky
    Extra toppings at sammich and burrito places (Qdoba, subway,etc). 50% at a few fast food places, the autozone gives 10% on or off duty (small county and they know most of us) That's the general gist of what we get for the various discounts. Almost all of the hospitals give employee discounts to on-duty EMS.

    I've asked for a discount once without prompting and that was for a mover that advertised military discounts, I inquired if military extended to fire/police/ems and they said it did. 5%

    I worked once with someone who demanded a discount at a store, I felt terrible for the employees =/
  10. emtCourt31

    emtCourt31 New Member

    Orange County, Ca
    EMS Training:
    Regal/ Edwards lets us in free if we are on duty, AMC doesn't. Off duty I haven't tried yet.

    Disneyland also gives EMS discounts, it's only 10% but hey it's something. Knotts Berry Farm lets you in free, if you are on duty lol. I've heard of some of our guys posting near the park (on a very slow day and mind you it was on a IFT shift) and going in for a little bit. Again I haven't tried it.
  11. Aprz

    Aprz Paramedic Student

    EMS Training:
    I don't want to make it sound like the other places that give discounts/free stuff are any more or less, but that warmed my heart hearing that they actually went out to tell you they were still open and then gave you your drinks for free. Makes me think about how nice people can be. :blush:
  12. DrParasite

    DrParasite Ambulance Driver

    Damn, you have enough time to go to the movie theater while on duty? what do you do, park the truck outside and go in and keep your radio at a low volume?
  13. firetender

    firetender Active Member

    Maui, HI
    EMS Training:
    I had a Dr. once offer to -- if we could get five medics to go for it -- do our vasectomies for half price.
  14. JPINFV

    JPINFV Gadfly

    404: No Meme Found
    ...or pager on chirp and vibrate. Also, depending on the volume of calls and the type of place, sure, it's possible to have that much free time. However, to be honest, I'd rather run a moderate amount of calls than run almost no calls.
  15. JPINFV

    JPINFV Gadfly

    404: No Meme Found
    Oh, that reminds me. Ripleys is also free.
  16. MrBrown

    MrBrown New Member

    Who in thier right mind would, or do I just not want to know the answer to that?

    There is a McDs here that gives 1/2 price to the ambos
  17. emt_irl

    emt_irl Member

    dublin, ireland
    in ireland the topaz chain of service stations gives free cofee to ems and dominos gives a discount.. area dependant though
  18. Sasha

    Sasha New Member

    There are a couple fast food places that give a discount, there are also a few ice cream places that give us free icecream. (Which is the awesomest thing, in my book). Of course there is always the random "It's on me today, guys" or surprise discount.

    However, I will never go in somewhere expecting a discount, even if they normally give us one, nor will I ever ASK for a discount. A discount isn't a right or something we are owed, it's something that some establishments are more than gracious enough to give us.

    If I am with someone who asks, I always feel incredibly embarrased for them.
  19. medic417

    medic417 The Truth Provider

    We had a place would always give us 50% off. One day a new person was behind the register and did not give the discount. The EMT-B had a fit chewing her out and saying the only reason we ate there was the discount. Guess what? We no longer get the discount. When he is my partner I always make him eat there. He ruined it for everyone so I make him suffer. Sadly it was just about everyone's favorite place.

    So do not demand or expect it. If given graciously thank them and enjoy it. If not given enjoy the meal.
  20. FLEMTP

    FLEMTP New Member

    Fort Myers, FL
    EMS Training:
    Very well said. A discount is always appreciated, but NEVER EVER expected. Personally if someone offers me something discounted or free, I refuse politely the first time, and if they insist or continue to offer, I accept, and I thank them and tell them it is appreciated but never expected and is a nice suprise. If I was discounted on something that has a gratuity involved, such as a meal at a restaurant, I ALWAYS tip (30-50%) based on the original cost of the bill.

    It really bugs the hell outta me when people abuse discounts. We are entitled to nothing, people need to remember that and be gracious if they do accept such a discount!

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