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Ems and rising transportation costs

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by Emt512, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Emt512

    Emt512 New Member

    With the rising prices of gas and from what I'm hearing..... and no definite lowering of gas prices in the near future, what do you personally feel like about how Ems will handle its self in a future with more and more transportation costs? Purely hypothetical btw and not tryin to get political..

    I am aware of the sprinters that Acadian and atcems are running but are there any new technologies like at expos or something in this field that are being utilized or discussed?
  2. I think system design and not technology is the solution to these problems.
  3. mycrofft

    mycrofft Still crazy but elsewhere

    Central California
    Majority of urban IFT's rate under 100 miles, so electric vehicles are attractive. Also, allow special categories of IFT vehicles (if they don't already) which are not as ponderous as trauma units.
  4. medic417

    medic417 The Truth Provider

    Start telling patients no when they don't need an ambulance or require prepayment. Increase base fee as well as mileage rate.
  5. Fish

    Fish Active Member

    Solar panels on the roof have been shown to save fuel consumption
  6. WolfmanHarris

    WolfmanHarris Member

    Ontario, Canada
    My service has started phasing in an anti-idle system onto the trucks and SUV's. The system monitors electrical load and temperature and when the vehicle is in park and running it will shut off the engine until needed to prevent battery run-down or to keep temperature in set ranges. We're also station based so our vehicles don't sit running 24/7.
  7. Handsome Robb

    Handsome Robb Youngin' Premium Member

    EMS Training:
    More than likely the easiest way, which would be increase in cost/mile and base rate like 417 said.

    The problem with all this technology everyone is talking about is the cost to implement it. They are all great ideas but I don't see them becoming mainstream any time soon. Just my opinion.

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