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AMR - Ventura County, CA???

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by cactusmedic, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. cactusmedic

    cactusmedic New Member

    Hey all.... Im a paramedic in Arizona. We have very liberal protocols out here and we all (Fire/Ambo) play pretty well together. The AMR medics out here work really well with the fire depts and we get to utilize ALL of our skills. Im considering a transfer out to Ventura County and just wondering if theres anyone out in that area that can give me some feedback about the system....

    I dont want to make a move out there and get stuck being an ALS gurney monkey, I dont want to get in any pissing matches with SOcal Fire PARAGODS.... I just want to utilize my skills and learn from others who have been in the field longer.

    Just wonderin..... any feedback would be great. Thanks
  2. DV_EMT

    DV_EMT New Member

    Ventura, Ca
    well daedalus...I believe that this would be your area of expertise

    If you're already a medic... I think you got a better shot of getting onboard. But as an EMT... put in your app now (from Az) and wait for them to call you. It's hard to get hired out here. AMR runs the show.. and then there a few smaller companies (about 3-4) between San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County.

    So my advice... put in your app.... kick back, relax, and wait for a call.

    BTW... welcome!
  3. cactusmedic

    cactusmedic New Member

    .....eh.... my app IS in... Im already in the process of transferring over there. Im just wondering what the EMS system is like..... maybe you need to read my question again.
  4. DV_EMT

    DV_EMT New Member

    Ventura, Ca
    moving out here is not gonna help all that much.... our protocols are liberal as well... and the calls aren't that great from what i can understand. If you're looking for more action... big city is the way to go. If you're looking for a more expanded scope of practice.... colorado has a big one from what i understand.

    hope that helps a little more
  5. cactusmedic

    cactusmedic New Member

    Not looking for a bigger scope, just want to be able to use my skills.... thanks.
  6. thegreypilgrim

    thegreypilgrim Member

    Well, as far as scope of practice goes California is much more limited than Arizona. Ventura County is more liberal with its protocols as compared with other areas in California (but still no pediatric intubation) so it wouldn't be too drastic a change for you coming from AZ. AMR Ventura is, from what I hear, one of the most professional and well-run private ambulance services you can find. They pay quite well, and treat you like you're an actual professional and not a warm body to occupy a seat. At least these are the reports from the rumor mill.

    Also from what I understand, they have a good relationship with Ventura County and other FD's in the area. Not treated as gurney jockeys.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2009
  7. kittaypie

    kittaypie New Member

    Antelope Valley, CA
    EMS Training:
  8. VCEMT

    VCEMT Member

    Ventura County
    Depends what area you are in. If you're in Ventura, you're gonna get calls. If you're in any other city, you just will not be as busy. What sucks, is that Gold Coast Ambulance in Oxnard covers the busier part of the county.
  9. DV_EMT

    DV_EMT New Member

    Ventura, Ca
    which is why I applied with them :p

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